Each One, Reach One Ministries

Pastor Sylvia

Sylvia Copeland-Murphy was born in Suffolk, Virginia on March 19, 1958 to Mrs. Evelyn H. Copeland and the late Rev. William Copeland. Sylvia's life exhibits service to the underprivileged and the underdogs. She is dedicated to the ministry of Christ and believes that life is only fulfilled when serving Him.

Sylvia grew up the sixth of seven children and attended Suffolk Public Schools. Her oldest brother, Ronald Copeland, died August 1979 and was very instrumental in her pursuing her B.S. Degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. Other siblings include Judy C. Scott (Robert), Clarence R. Copeland, Brenda C. Brown (Glenn), Rev. Dr. Anthony Copeland (Jackie), and Reba C. Watkins.

Despite many challenges, obscurities, and blunders, Sylvia managed to lead numerous youth groups, women's ministries, conferences, and workshops. Her passion for people extends beyond immediate family and friends but overflows to the disadvantage and vulnerable populations. 

Sylvia was licensed as a Gospel Preacher February 1994 and ordained June 2002. She serves as Assistant Pastor of OGBC and the overseer of the OGBC Associate Ministers. Her ministry has been comprised of the establishment of a Cell Ministry, the Radio Broadcast Ministry, Conferences, Revivalist, Biblical and Marital Counselor, and the Women's Ministry.